Dead Bats Are Not The Source Of Nipah Virus, Proves Tests By NIV

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| May 26 , 2018 , 18:26 IST

The everyday spreading Nipah Virus (NiV) which has taken 12 lives so far was earlier said to be injected by fruit bats but the tests in the National Institute of Virology in Pune have ruled out that possibility after testing the dead bats found in Himachal Pradesh's Sirmaur district on Saturday.

An official confirmed that even though the bats were carrying the Nipah virus, the reason behind their death was some other. Samples from dead bats were collected and sent to the National Institute of Virology for testing and all the samples were reported negative for the Nipah virus.

Panic spread as several bats were found dead at Government Senior Secondary School in Barmapapri this week. People were advised not to panic about the Nipah virus, adding all medical colleges in the state are prepared to deal with the situation if it occurs.

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Transmission of NiV takes place through direct contact with infected bats, pigs or from other NiV-infected people. With the results showing that this virus has not come from bats, the authorities have now decided to conduct more tests to locate its source.

Defining infection as contained, Kerala Health Secretary Rajeev Sadanandan said, "If there are 1 lakh bats in the area and say five of them are infected, the probability of finding one infected bat out of 1 lakh bats is highly improbable."

All people who were in close contact with the infected patients have been put under observation and samples from them were sent to Manipal Centre for Virus Research (MCVR) in an effort to trace the source of the virus. The results of  21 samples came out yesterday and all are negative.