Yay! Dahi Handi Celebrations To Be Grander As Restrictions Decrease

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| August 8 , 2017 , 19:10 IST

Dahi Handi celebrations for Janmashtami on August 15, are set to become grander as the Bombay High Court on Monday remarking that the courts need not issue regulations for 'everything' refused to issue directions regulating age of the participants and the height limit for human pyramids during Dahi Handi celebrations.

The Dahi Handi celebrations had been under the scanner as petitioners claimed that tall Dahi Handi pyramids were dangerous for participants in case of any accident. In response, the Bombay HC said tha  “an accident could take place anywhere, even in one’s own home, or the toilet.”

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Last year the Supreme Court had set a height limit for the pyramids of maximum 20 feet with a total of 4 tiers only, also stipulating that minimum age of participants be 18 years. As a result, celebrations across the city were toned down and 3,387 Mandals secured permission to hold the event. There were also fewer injuries reported.

However, Govinda mandals continued to form more than five-tier pyramids, offering a 'salaami' (salute) at the top and stepping down without breaking the handi. Almost all the mandals witnessed an underage govinda at the top tier although no one confirmed the age.  

For 2017, the Maharashtra government is expected to ease the 20 foot height limit and minimum age limit for participation is also likely to be reduced to 14 years. The state has announced specific precautions for a safe and secure event such as providing cushion layers, helmets, safety nets and chest guards.