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‘Congress Organized EVM Hackathon In London’,Says Ravi Shankar Prasad

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| January 22 , 2019 , 15:52 IST

Union law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Tuesday lashed out at Congress and its President Rahul Gandhi over claims of allegations by a US-based hacker Syed Suja who alleged that Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in India could be hacked and had been tampered in 2014 polls.

He alleged that the EVM hackathon in London was organized by the Congress where a cyber expert had claimed that the 2014 elections were rigged.

Speaking at a press conference, Prasad said that the Congress was looking for excuses to explain its impending defeat in the coming elections and so was organizing events such as the EVM hackathon.

He also questioned the presence of Congress leader Kapil Sibal at the hackathon event.

Prasad said, “What was Kapil Sibal doing there. The BJP would like to ask that question. In what capacity was Kapil Sibal there? Sibal was there to monitor the event for the Congress. He keeps doing such things.”

He added, "I believe he was monitoring the situation on behalf of Congress party. Is the Congress sponsored event designed to insult the popular mandate of 2014?”

“EVMs have been in use for the last 20 years. For 10 years when Congress was in power, EVM was fine, when Mayawati won, it was fine when Akhilesh won, then it was fine, when Mamata won in Bengal, then it was fine... but when BJP, then the EVM is rigged. This is shameful,” he said.

Rubbishing hacker Shuja’s claims that Gopinath Munde was “murdered” because he knew the “truth of the EVMs”, Prasad said that the “doctor who had conducted the autopsy on Munde has said that Munde died in a car accident in Delhi.”

Prasad also criticized West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and alleged that the people weren’t being allowed to reach the venue of BJP chief Amit Shah’s rally in Malda.

“The buses are being stopped far away from the venue. She won’t let us take out the rath yatra, she won’t let the people reach the venue. Why is Mamata worried? She is a fighter, no? She says she fought the CPM, then why is she afraid of fighting the BJP?” he said.

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Meanwhile. the Election Commission of India has dismissed all allegations of EVM hacking, asserting that 'EVMs cannot be hacked'  and clarified that the electronic voting machines have been manufactured with stringent Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). They were also mulling to take legal action against Suja for his allegations.


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