Congress Leaders In Karnataka Are Looting The State, Says PM Modi In Chitradurga

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| May 6 , 2018 , 12:28 IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued his campaign trail in the poll-bound state of Karnataka on Sunday by addressing a rally in Chitradurga. During his address, PM Modi hailed the heroes of the Chitradurga district and slammed the Congress leaders in Karnataka, alleging that they were looting the state.

"Congress leaders Karnataka are looting the state, including from providing proper facilities in hostels. The longer they stay, the longer they will loot," said PM Modi.

"This land of Chitradurga is synonymous with the Mantra of - Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan and Jai Vigyaan. This land is prone to drought but the farmers here have been innovating and turning adversities into opportunities," he said.

"Here in Chitradurga, we know about the bravery of great women who resisted the reign of the Sultans. We remember the valour of Onake Obavva," said PM Modi.

"It is a matter of great pride that the preparation for mission Chandrayan 2 is going on this soil by ISRO unit of Chitradurga," he said.

"Sadly, Congress forgot brave women and men of our history. Just because of vote bank politics, they are celebrating Jayantis of Sultans. Congress has insulted the people of Chitradurga. It is in the nature of Congress to insult very senior leaders," PM Modi said.

"Nijalingappa ji, the proud son of this land was insulted by one family who cannot tolerate independent leaders emerging in the Party. Nijalingappa ji committed the crime of questioning some of the policies from the time of Pandit Nehru," PM Modi said in Chitradurga.

"Congress humiliated Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. Never did they accept Dr. Ambedkar. Go to any part of India- wherever you go, things are named after one family. What did this one family do for Dr. Ambedkar? They have no time for him," he alleged.

"People in Chitradurga has prefixed "Deal" against the name of a local Minister from this region. I have heard that unless there is a 'Deal' on the table, this Minister doesn't do anything with full heart (from 'Dil')," said the PM.

"A minister from Cong govt found an opportunity to loot money even from beds & pillows meant for SC/ST hostels. I wondered why Congress is so fond of Beds. Later realised it's to stash the black money these ministers have looted over the years," he said.

"Congress is obviously uncomfortable today because the highest offices of the land are occupied by people from poor and humble backgrounds. That is why now Congress prefers to mislead in the name of the Dalit community," PM Modi said.

"When we had the numbers to play a key role in the election of a President, we did not play party politics. We preferred that Dr. Kalam become the President of India. This time, we had the numbers but we preferred that a person from the Dalit community become the President," he said.

"It is our Government that has strengthened the SC/ST Act. We will always work for justice for the SC and ST communities," said PM Modi.

"From 1992 to 2014, 57 camps were held for Divyang sisters and brothers. After 2014, the number stands at over 5,000 camps. Ours is a compassionate government, devoted to serving society with great diligence," he said.

"Among the many things the Karnataka CM keeps with him is character certificates. Whenever a Minister faces charges, the CM is ready with a character certificate. He loves defending the wrong kind of people," he said.

"Give a farewell to the Congress, which is not concerned about your welfare," said PM Modi.

The high-stakes election in Karnataka, one of the last major bastions of the Congress party, is set to take place on May 12, with the counting on May 15.