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Congress Leader Kamal Nath In A New Video, Asks 90% Muslims To Vote For His Party

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| November 22 , 2018 , 15:19 IST

A new video has gone viral on the internet on Wednesday of Congress leader Kamal Nath. According to media reports, this video is a part of a previous clip where he was addressing a delegation of the Muslim minority.

In the video, Kamal Nath said "My request to you is that you analyze past records... How much voting in Muslim booths, and if there was 50-60 percent voting, then why 60 percent - why not 90 percent? This post-mortem is very important".

"If we don't get 90 percent votes of the Muslims, then we are doomed. You are talking about 80 (percent). I am talking about 90... You know where there are Muslim votes, how much voting took place there? If there was less than 60 percent voting, then why? It must have been a big reason," says Kamal Nath.

The video surfaced on the internet when BJP IT cell in charge Amit Malviya uploaded the video on his personal twitter handle.

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On Wednesday ruling party BJP took this video to the election commission and blamed Kamal Nath for communalizing the election.

Congress defended Kamal Nath by saying that he was just requesting people to come and vote there is nothing communal about his statements. BJP is threatened by us that is why it is getting indulged in all this.

As Madhya Pradesh elections are coming closer both the parties were trying their hardest to defame each other. It is learnt that the state is a 230 member state assembly and the voting is on November 28 vote will be counted on December 11.

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