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Communal Card In Bengal For What?

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| July 18 , 2017 , 13:20 IST

The term communal has become a daily part of India in the recent past. We are very much attached to the word as if it became the basic need of the country. But for what and why we need it so much in the country. Once again West Bengal (WB) came into headlines- ‘Communal clashes over a Facebook post’. The country became so sensitive with religion especially than any other.

Why West Bengal Again?

Bengal became the hotspot for politics after 2014 elections. There has been a stiff competition among the national and regional parties to gain the power in the state. BJP being the ruling power at the Centre wants to include Bengal under its ruling. At the same time, the WB is a stronghold for CPM in the past and it needed Bengal very much to maintain some hold in the opposition. But anyways TMC once again got the chair. So now to bring Bengal under its stronghold if possible in the next parliamentary elections or through any other options, BJP is making its possible ways by its social wings on the ground.

Communal violence is always a great weapon for right wing parties to get into power let it be Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat or any other state. They have a strategy where it can turn the vote bank to its side by this weapon. As it can be seen clearly a few months back Bengal witnessed severe communal clashes which caused a great loss of property and displacement of people. From then it started raising and becoming more day by day. The clashes which caused the disruption on Tuesday over a Facebook post can be seen as a similar one in the sequel of incidents. Social media is being used to cause disruptions in the status-quo of the state. This is not the first in a list, Bangladesh communal violence also used to flare up the people in Bengal and other parts of the country in a similar way.

Vote Bank Politics

Religion has become the centrepiece of vote bank in the country. Things like development, unemployment, basic needs, farmer suicides and many other survival issues are not gaining much attention by the media or political parties to react. Election campaigns are filled with religious comments in place of development and growth factors necessary for the country.

The distance between BJP and TMC has grown very much. Let it be demonetisation, water disputes or any other. There has been a stiff opposition between the state and Centre. At this position, the communal card is playing a key role to gain the vote bank.

Communally Sensitive

Just recently, cow became the centre of violence as compared to any other issue. The continued unrest by mob-lynchings is burning up the country with protests like “Not in my Name”. These incidents are creating a serious threat to human rights in the country. The freedom to wear, worship, eat are have become the centre of Hindutva politics. It is disappointing to see a state like West Bengal, a place of philosophy, science, revolution trapped in the communal spats. India as a country of unity in diversity and cultural harmony is becoming a unity in hatred and imbibing the culture of violence. India is moving by the words of religious heads than the Constitution, it seems. Hatred towards minorities is pushing the country to dark ages. The country is moving in a way to become conservative than a democratic. Rationality lost its ground with illogicality. Intellectuals are no more valued when compared with religious heads.

A country is slipping away from what Gandhi, Ambedkar and Bhagat Singh dreamt of. Intolerance has taken the place of tolerance. It’s high time the government takes action instead of dialogues to maintain the status-quo of the country. Communal politics should be condemned by one and all and severely punished.









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So this useless article written by a sickular has nothing to say about fanatic Muslims who started rioting on the basis of a harmless Facebook post. Expected. No wonder then that more and more Hindus are now turning to rightwing Hindutva. This article is greatly helping in that cause.

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