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Coming Soon: Air Conditioned Jackets For Special Forces Soldiers

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| August 20 , 2017 , 09:28 IST

Heat and sweating is a constant problem for those physically active and for those residing in warmer areas of the country. While we have options to sit in front of ACs and coolers, armed forces personnel are forced to brave the elements and sweat in their line of duty while they protest the nation.

According to former Defence Minister and Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, trials are underway on for introducing air-conditioned jackets for Indian Special Forces soldiers.

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"In a Special Forces operation, there is extensive exercise. Body heats up, he (soldier) is very uncomfortable. At that time if he has an air conditioned jacket, he is more comfortable. Trial is on," Parrikar said to students in Panaji.

Responding to a question regarding Indian capabilities at manufacturing world class war equipments, Parrikar spoke about the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas project which he had pursued himself.

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"It was completed some 5-6 years (ago) but the government was not inducting it. Minor issues were there. I consecutively conducted 18 meetings and saw to it that it is inducted in the Air Force... Now there are three planes and one new aircraft is getting added up every one or two months," Parrikar said.

"It is indigenously designed and I can tell you the plane has many features that are better than many of the world renowned planes. Its only defect is that it is light-weight. It can carry only a 3.5 ton bomb... It is the only weak-point. Otherwise the capacity of the plane, its reaction is better than many quality planes," Parrikar added.

On popular demand, Parrikar returned to take up his former post of Chief Minister of Goa after BJP won the Goa assembly elections earlier this year.

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