Clashes In Aurangabad: Angry Mob Sets Multiple Shops & Vehicles Ablaze, Section 144 Imposed

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| May 12 , 2018 , 11:44 IST

A clash between two groups from Aurangabad, Maharashtra turned fatal when the violent mob gutted multiple shops and vehicles on Saturday morning. While authorities or law enforcement agencies are yet to confirm the news, a minor has lost his life.

Reportedly, a 17-year old resident of Rengtipura has succumbed to bullet injuries at MGM hospital. Hundreds of youths taking turned violent and indulged in stone pelting on streets. The Police were unprepared for such a situation and the lack of full-time commissioner for almost two months didn't help.

To control the angry mob, Police resorted to several measures including firing rounds and teargas shells. To keep the situation under control, the police have imposed section 144 in the area, prohibiting the assembly of more than four people in Aurangabad.

The clashes have injured at least 10 policemen, including an assistant commissioner Govardhan Kolekar and a couple of police station chiefs. Reports suggest that Police are suspecting the role of an independent corporator for instigating the violence.

The violence started with some miscreants from Gandhinagar area reached out to a garage mechanic and demanded money for drinking liquor. When the mechanic refused to give in to their demands, the suspects assaulted him brutally.

The suspects were soon joined by some more goons, who were carrying sharp-edged weapons. This panicked the locals forcing them to down their shutters. The incident fuelled tensions, followed by spreading of rumours, which eventually resulted into stone pelting in nearby areas.