As China Rejects Talks With India, Sushma Calls An All Party Meet

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| July 13 , 2017 , 15:18 IST

After China rejects all talks till the Indian government calls off its troops from the Sikkim stand-off, the External Affairs Ministry has called for an all-party meeting on Friday.

The government is expected to brief all the opposition parties on the Sikkim stand-off with China along the border.

The meeting, likely to be held at Home Minister Rajnath Singh's residence, is aimed at briefing the opposition parties about the situation along the border in Sikkim where a stand-off has been continuing since June.

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The invitation for the all-party meeting that comes ahead of the Monsoon session of Parliament set to start from July 17, was sent out from the Ministry of External Affairs.

This meeting comes after the Chinese government rejected all talks with India till it calls off its troops from the border stand-off over Doklam. The stand-off started as Indian troops obstructed the construction of a Chinese road in the disputed area. The road is said to have no economic objective, however, it does provide the Chinese troops an unprecedented advantage in the chicken’s neck, a thin strip of land connecting India to its seven of its north-eastern states.

The Chinese government has said that they have every right to build a road on their territory. However, India stands with Bhutan’s claim over the land.

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The stand-off stands as the Chinese government claims Doklam as their own land ‘Donglang’ and ask the Indian government to call off their troops from the stand-off.