BJP Spokesperson Faces Fire On Twitter Over Misleading Tweet

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| July 10 , 2017 , 13:36 IST

The spokesperson for BJP’s Delhi unit, Nupur Sharma recently faced fire on Twitter after she tweeted a picture of the 2002 Gujarat riots as that of Basirhat violence in West Bengal.

Ms Sharma tweeted, “Since trolls spent a sleepless night covering-up Basirhat violence, sharing media pics of the riots. Hope they report this to @WBPolice too” along with a picture of charred vehicle amid protesters.

The twiterrati, however, pointed out to her that the image was from 2002 and accused her of spreading a rumour.

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Ms. Sharma, in a defiant tone, said the photo reflected the reality of Bengal, irrespective of the place. "I received a flyer from organisers of Save Bengal protests and I put it out. This has woken up the people in Lutyen's Delhi who have maintained a stoic silence on Bengal till now," added the leader. "

Many Twitter users tried to draw the attention of the Delhi Police towards the tweet and demanded that she be arrested.

"Requesting @WBPolice to take my tweet as a Complaint against @NupurSharmaBJP for her fake and provocative posts and Arrest her immediately," said a Twitter user. "Can't trust any BJP handle these days. Films, old riots all is being passed off as Bengal," said another.

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Some even asked why Twitter didn't take action against such people.

But, Ms Sharma begged to differ on the subject. "There are questions being asked on the unrelated picture, but why is there reaction on the riots in Bengal or on minority appeasement that is happening there."