BJP Leader Pramod Sawant Takes Oath As The New Goa's CM After The Demise Of Manohar Parrikar

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| March 19 , 2019 , 08:03 IST

BJP’s 46-years-old Pramod Sawant succeeded Manohar Parikkar as the new Goa Chief Minister and took an Oath at 2 am on Tuesday. Sawant took oath along with ministers in his 12-member cabinet that included his two deputies.

During the oath ceremony, Mr. Sawant said: “I will not be able to work as much as Manohar Parrikar ji but I will definitely try to work as much as possible.”

Whereas, the BJP now has 14 lawmakers in the 40-member assembly and has a narrow majority of 20 in the 36-member assembly. The Congress has 15 members, four short of the majority mark. Four seats are vacant after the death of two BJP members (including Manohar Parrikar) and the resignation of two Congress lawmakers.

Reportedly, Sudin Dhavalikar of the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party and Vijay Sardesai of the Goa Forward Party are the new deputy Chief Ministers. Both had initially demanded the chief minister's post, saying they supported Manohar Parrikar but after him, all bets were off.

However, Manohar Parrikar, the BJP's tallest leader in Goa, was the party's most acceptable face for allies like the MGP and Goa Forward Party. The popular Goan leader kept the fractious coalition running, even making public appearances with a nasal tube and supported by aides at the peak of his battle with pancreatic cancer.

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In Parrikar’s political career of 25 years, he held several important and prestigious posts and became the chief minister of the state three times — first in the year 2000, then in 2012 and finally in 2017. He had made a special place for himself in Goa politics, which had seen many ups and downs since the BJP started challenging the hegemony of the Congress.

Indeed, Goa’s Politics revolved round Parrikar in the last two decades, Whether in power or out of it, Parikar was in Goa or in Delhi he controlled the state’s politics. “You may take me out of Goa but you cannot take Goa out of me,” he once said.

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