Strange! 2,000 Residents, 0 Toilets For Bihar Village That Believes Toilets Bring Bad Luck

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| July 5 , 2017 , 15:43 IST

For one Bihar village, superstition comes above cleanliness, and as a result, the village with 2,000 residents has not a single toilet, despite having other amenities and despite the government's Swachh Bharat campaign.

The superstition in the Ghazipur village of Narwada district began in 1984 when an affluent farmer of the village, Siddheshwar Singh, lost his son to a mysterious illness when a toilet was being constructed at their home. Again in 1996, when a toilet was being constructed at the home of another villager Ramparvesh Sharma, his son also died.

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Since then the villagers, believing that constructing a toilet will bring bad luck and maybe even tragedy, have stopped building toilets at home and prefer to go out in the fields. Even affluent villagers having all modern facilities of televisions, refrigerators, invertors and air coolers will refuse to have toilets built.  

According to a local quoted by a leading daily, "Life comes first, hygiene can wait."

A local youth Kumar Arvind, took initiatives to persuade villagers to build toilets, but in an accident in 2009 suffered a hip and leg fracture.

Going against the government's Swachh Bharat campaign and efforts to make every state in the nation Open Defecation Free, the village faces other problems.

Women of the village have taken to adapting their eating habits so that they can time their bodily functions according to safe times to venture into the fields. Youths of the village face difficulty in getting married as brides are reluctant to come to the village with no toilets.

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Bihar overall ranks poorly in terms of sanitation facilities with only a dismal 30.62 percent of its area being open defecation free as compared to Jharkhand with 56.31 percent and Odisha with 42.9 percent. Although the state has had improvement with 17.99 lakh toilets being built so far, the target of 1.66 crore toilets to be built by October 2, 2019 under the Swachh Bharat campaign is still a way off.

However, Nawada district magistrate Manoj Kumar hasn't given up on the village yet.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Kumar said, “I will personally visit Ghazipur to try and convince the people to construct toilets. If they want the government to make toilets for them, I will try and facilitate it by taking up a cluster of 20-25 households in one go. I am sure the people will agree.”