Amit Shah Roars In Malda Says, "Mamata Can Stop Our Yatras, But Can’t Remove BJP From Hearts Of People"

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| January 22 , 2019 , 16:43 IST

BJP president Amit Shah kicked-off his party’s Lok Sabha campaign in West Bengal on Tuesday by attacking the grand alliance and TMC chief Mamata Banerjee.

“I have come here to kickstart the election campaign in Bengal. The 2019 Lok Sabha election in more important for Bengal than for the rest of the country. This election is to determine whether this autocratic TMC government will remain or will be thrown away,” Amit Shah said in Malda Rally on Tuesday.

Shah’s rally in Malda, where he addressed  party workers in north Bengal, came a day after a row between the BJP and the state government over a landing spot for his helicopter

"BJP chief Amit Shah looked full of energy he said, “Mamata can stop our yatras, but can’t remove BJP from hearts of people, You don’t give us permission for the yatra, It isn’t a big deal, We will work harder, will sweat it out, but will sure dethrone you in Malda."

Shah also took a dig at the grand alliance he said, “What is this gathbandhan? It’s about power and self-interest. They didn’t chant Vande Mataram and Bharat Mata Ki Jai in Opposition’s Kolkata rally.”

“20-25 leaders can’t hold hands and defeat Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he is being supported by 100 crore people,” he added.

Terming the coming together of opposition leaders as an anti-Modi front, Shah said there were nine prime ministerial candidates at Mamata Banerjee’s rally of opposition parties in Kolkata on Saturday.

Pointing at Mamata's government Shah said, “The administration has been politicised. There was no permission for my helicopter and for the rath yatra."

He also gave a strong statement against cow smuggling in Bengal “Vote for BJP in Bengal and not a single cow will be stolen (read smuggled).”

The BJP Chief further said, “Modiji has offered 129 welfare schemes for the people of the country. But Mamata is not allowing the benefits to reach you.”

“We have to start factories in Bengal and shut down illegal arms and bomb manufacturing units”, he added.

He also assured people that BJP will terminate the syndicate tax, he said, “Throw out TMC and I assure you that no one will have to pay syndicate tax.”

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Questioning the Bengal's government Amit Shah asked “The Bengal govt employees get DA 49% less than their Central govt counterparts. Where has the money gone.”

Bengal is crucial in the BJP’s plan for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls and the party has set itself a target of 22 seats in the state.