Amidst Rumours Of Dog Meat, Sales Of Non-Veg Food Drops By 50 Percent In Kolkata

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| May 1 , 2018 , 09:46 IST

The consumption of meat, ranging from chicken and mutton to fish and prawns is common, however, some meats are taboo in most parts of the world, including dog and cat meats.

In the wake of rumours of dog meat being used in eateries in Kolkata and surrounding regions, the sale of non-vegetarian cuisine fell by 50 percent. Subsequently, the Hotel and Restaurants' Association of Eastern India (HRAEI) issued an urgent advisory to its members on Monday, asking them to buy meat only from registered suppliers.

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"Respectable eateries, including our members, don't procure meat from dubious sources. Smaller eateries may buy chicken and mutton from roadside vendors or suppliers from the city fringes who are now under the scanner. Frozen meat is now suspect and we have requested all restaurants not to use them. But the drop in sale of non-vegetarian food is a worry," HRAEI president Sudesh Poddar said.

"The city has a huge number of eateries. It is easy to sell poor-quality meat to them as many of them can be lured into buying cheap. We shall take strict action if any eatery is caught buying carcass meat," Poddar said.

The weekend witnessed an unprecedented shift to sea food and vegetarian dishes instead of traditional non-vegetarian foods as rumours spread about dog carcass meat from dumpyards near Kolkata being  used in eatries.

A central Kolkata restaurant owner quoted by TOI said, "The fear is very strong. Our patrons preferred even vegetarian food to chicken and pork this weekend."

A popular South Kolkata biryani joint, Shamim Hotel has suffered more than 60 per cent drop in sales, the owner Sheikh Shamim said.

"On any normal day, we would procure 25-30 kg of meat. But, after the carcass rumour, the procurement has dropped to just 8 kg a day. It is a big setback," he added.

common sense

chicken, goat meat or dog/cat meat, how does it matter??


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