90% Decrease In Stone Pelting Incidents In 2017, Says J&K DGP, Crediting People Of Kashmir

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| November 13 , 2017 , 14:53 IST

The unrest in Kashmir valley may continue, with infiltrations, militant activities and ceasefire violations, however, according to Jammu and Kashmir police chief S P Vaid, there has been a 90 percent decrease in the number of stone pelting incidents taking place in Kashmir, crediting the success to the people.

"(There is) a more than 90% fall in stone pelting in Kashmir Valley (this year) as compared to the last year.It is a huge decrease," Director General of Police S P Vaid said to news agencies.

"There are weeks when there is not even a single case of stone pelting while in a day (last year) there used to be more than 50 incidents taking place. There is a huge change in the mood of people," he said.

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"Even on Friday, where it used to be normal to have 40-50 incidents of stone pelting in a day (last year), not even a single incident is taking place (this year)," the DGP said.

Agreeing that the NIA raids helped, Vaid said that the raids alone were not responsible for the drop in stone pelting incidents.

"There are many factors responsible for improvement in the law and order situation and decrease in stone pelting. The impression that NIA raids have only improved the situation...I would not agree to it," DGP said.

"Of course, that (NIA raids) helped, but the main credit goes to the people of Kashmir, probably they have also realised the futility of this and damaging their own property and targeting police which also belongs to their own society besides the fatigue factor and action against top commanders," he said.

"There was no single factor responsible but all of them were instrumental," said the DGP regarding the decrease in stone-pelting incidents in the valley.