7th Pay: Centre Notifies Ministries, This Month’s Salaries To Reflect Revised Allowance

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| July 8 , 2017 , 12:03 IST

The government on Friday recommended the 7th Pay Commission with 34 modifications that now reflects a total financial implication of Rs 30,748.23 crore per annum.

The Finance Ministry in a statement said, “Ministries concerned have now been advised to issue their orders on allowances governed by them immediately so that the revised allowances get reflected in the current month's salary of government employees.”

The Cabinet, on June 28, approved 34 modifications in the allowances based on the recommendation of Committee’s report on Allowances.

No raise was given in fully Dearness Allowance-indexed, however, allowances not indexed to DA were raised by a factor of 2.25 and the partially indexed ones by a factor of 1.5.

House Rent Allowance is currently paid at 30 per cent for X (population of 50 lakh and above), 20 percent for Y (5 to 50 lakh) and 10 per cent for Z (below 5 lakh) category cities. However, under the revised notification, there is a reduction in the existing rates to 24 per cent for X, 16 percent for Y and 8 per cent for Z category cities.

In views that the HRA may not be sufficient for low pay bracket, the HRA is set to at least Rs 5,400, Rs 3,600 and Rs 1,800 for X, Y and Z category of cities respectively.

Keeping in view the current inflation trends, the government has decided that these rates will be revised upwards when the DA crosses 25 per cent and 50 per cent respectively.

Other allowances like Siachen allowance for soldiers, flying allowance to BSF’s Air Wing and nursing allowance have also skyrocketed, with some observing up to 100 percent increase.

This move will benefit 48 lakh government employees across the country including border and other security forces. The notification was published in the Gazette of India on Thursday and comes into effect from July 1.