Would You Try These 4 Crazy Food Trends?

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| July 10 , 2017 , 16:00 IST

Today's world is of Instagram and social media, where food is often judged as much for how photogenic and good-looking it is along with how tasty it is. Open almost any Instagram profile and you are sure to be flooded with pictures of coffee and drinks, breakfasts and lunches, all carefully photo shopped and filtered.

Going a step further is to create food combinations and innovations that look bizarre yet attractive aesthetically. So far 2017 has witnessed several phenomena that look beautiful but sound strangely odd for traditional foodies.

Here is a list of 4 crazy food trends, would you try them?

  1. Cheese tea

India may be a nation that is in love with tea, but even the most ardent tea-addicts might think twice of drinking tea with cheese. Tibetans may have added butter to their tea but not cheese. The 'Cheese Tea' is made up of iced tea which is topped up with cream cheese, either salty or sweet. Originating in China, Malaysia and Taiwan, the drink has reached USA, where topping drinks with ice cream is more traditional.


  1. Art coffee

Coffee art is common, especially at high-end cafes where artists specialise in creating gorgeous artwork on top of a steaming cup of coffee, using cream, foam and chocolate flakes as well. Taking the step further is the new trend of Art Coffee, which adds colour to the artwork on top of coffees. Various food colourings are used to create exquisite designs on top of coffee cups. Since the coloured coffee will likely taste like a typical cuppa, would you go for it?

  1. Ube

A Philippine purple coloured root vegetable called 'Ube' has become the latest craze globally. The trend began with a Filipino restaurant in New York City which started serving Ube with desserts, and the rest as they say is history. Ube can be witnessed everywhere now, on top of pancakes, ice creams and doughnuts. However be warned: Ube is a natural laxative so take with caution!

  1. Unicorn food

The fashion of Unicorn food has been growing steadily, whether it's on sandwich toppings, noodles, doughnuts or even rice. A variety of food colours are used to give food items different colours, so that when the food items are put together in a plate, the result is a multi-coloured rainbow or 'Unicorn'. Although again the food would likely taste the same and only the appearance would be altered, but would you eat a rainbow on your plate?

Add any other weird food combinations you've tried to the comments section below!


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