Want To Save Money? Buy Tomatoes Online!

| } June 16 , 2016 , 14:46 IST
tomatoesHigh prices of essential commodities like tomatoes, onions, give a hard time to a common man who runs her home with a fixed monthly budget. In order to manage his budget, the only way he sorts out is to avoid buying these commodities, but now, online stores Big Basket, and Grofers are in line to change this trend. In order to protect customers from soaring tomato prices as market costs double, all these stores are selling tomatoes as cheap as Rs 55, Rs 30 and Rs 50 per kg respectively. Daily Mail quoted Rajesh Gupta, founder of, stating 'We bring down the marketing costs in a bid to help our customers. This marketing strategy helps us to retain our valuable customers.' According to experts, the reason behind this steep rise in price are worst environmental conditions. In South, heavy rains have affected the cultivation of tomatoes. On the other hand. in north, heat stress is the culprit.

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