Want To Protect Your Liver From Booze? Start Cardio Today!

| } April 6 , 2016 , 15:48 IST
For many of us Alcohol is our favourite party friend and we all are aware of the cost our liver has to pay for this friendship. alcoholism Binge drinking can result in liver inflammation called hepatitis. But, did you ever know that cardio exercises can provide you protection from this work? A recent research showed that cardio workout bolster our liver by promoting healthier mitochondria and a higher-working metabolism. However, the research was conducted on rats and it's yet to be performed on humans. Researchers created “runner rats” by breeding rats that had intrinsically high capacities to run for long distances. These rats were exposed to chronic alcohol use for six weeks to see if their increased metabolism would be able to protect their livers against fatty deposits and inflammation. The researchers found that the alcohol didn’t cause any dangerous inflammation to their livers.

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