Want To Get Rid Of Body Odour? Here Are The Tips

| } March 28 , 2016 , 17:11 IST
Smelling good can be defined as one of the basic requirement in today's world where attitude, appearance and aptitude walk hand in hand. smell good With summers approaching, many of us remain conscious of smelly underarms. Here are five tips to remain fragrant with easy hacks: Here are some tips: Wash underarms with antibacterial soap and warm water. Since sweating is very frequent during summer, this remedy will help in keeping that area clean Avoid caffeine, spicy foods, alcohol, saturated fats, sugar, and cigarettes as they ignite the activity of apocrine glands Clean under arms with apple cider vinegar, hazel, and tea tree oil, these things lowers the pH value of the skin and the bacteria which are responsible for the odour cannot survive on the skin if the pH value of the skin is low. Apply lemon before shower, one-half of the lemon on underarms and allow the juice to stick to your skin. Let it dry and then take a shower. Follow this remedy once daily until the body odor reduces considerably. Apply tulsi and neem leaves before going for a bath and leave it for few minutes. Follow this remedy for thrice a week to witness results.