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Unsaid Rules That Are Must To Follow While On A Road Trip

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| August 15 , 2017 , 16:14 IST

India is a diverse nation where the scene changes drastically every few kilometres, hitting a road trips in those terrains could be an absolute delight. Driving provides an opportunity to the traveller to explore in his own way without having to follow any monotonous itinerary.

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That doesn't conclude that there are no rules, because there are, unsaid though. In order to enjoy your road trip to the fullest, one has to abide by few of the following rules:

  • Essential Skills
    Knowledge of basic skills including driving, cooking, swimming and sailing are must. What's the point of a road trip if you are carrying a driver and a cook along. First Aid know-how is something which can come in handy anytime, so better be prepared!

  • Unplanned stops
    If you are travelling for the purpose of exploration, then do exactly that. Don't be afraid of running behind the schedule. The basic goal of your vacation is enjoying, don't let any itinerary come in the way.

  • Comfort Zone
    You have to be physically prepared for the unexpected roadblocks. Your meals might be skipped, water might be unsufficient and you might not be able to have your beauty sleep, but throwing a fit is not an option. Be ready to come out of your comfort zone.

  • Don't fuss over food
    No dieting or comfort food should come in your way of trying out the local delicacies. The best part of traveling in India is the assortment of foods and drinks that one can explore. If you keep fussing over eating familiar food, then you might miss out the same.

  • Plan Budget
    It is most important to align your budget accordingly while traveling. A little extra amount spent on food, accommodation or shopping could shake your budget for worse. Prioritize the areas where you can't compromise and save where you can.

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Road Trips can help you in discovering places and locations that one can never discover while traveling by train, bus or plane. If you have decided to come out of your comfort zone for once, that it's time to go all out without any limitation stopping you.

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