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This Blast Survivor Proved She Is ‘Unstoppable’…Know How!

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| August 1 , 2017 , 16:39 IST

“Himmat karne walon ki kabhi haar nahi hoti”

We have been hearing this old saying since our childhood but 28-year-old Malvika Iyer has been doing everything to prove this saying right since the age of 13. Malvika Iyer is a bomb blast survivor. She lost both her hands in an explosion at her home in Bikaner. Her disability did not deter her spirits. She bounced back stronger and went on to become a Ph.D. scholar and create awareness on disability.

She creates awareness about disability through her motivational speeches and by holding workshops in different schools, colleges, and other youth forums. Her mother who was Malvika’s biggest strength never let her feel that she was less of a person because of her disability. While she has a number of accomplishments to her credit, there is one thing that Malvika thought she would never be able to do- Cooking. 

Malvika said, “When I lost both my hands in the bomb blast, I’d convinced myself that in this life, I’d never be able to cook on my own. I was having a bad day today so I picked up the phone to call mom and tell her that there was a thing that I haven’t tried yet and asked her for a simple recipe to make mixed vegetable curry and she gave me one,” Malvika said in a post on Twitter.

 However, as she decided to try for cooking and yes, she succeeded and shared her happiness through social media post. Many viewers encouraged her. But it was great moment when Vikas Khanna posted his words of appreciation for Malvika. 

The celebrity Chef and judge of Master Chef  India Vikas Khanna appreciated Malvika in his Twitter post saying “So here is my promise and dream @MalvikaIyer - to cook with you one day. You make the World a better home.”

Malvika proved Himmat karne walon ki kabhi haar nahi hoti!’  and To Be Unstoppable!

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