Slaying The Summer: 5 Tips That Will Prepare You To Tackle Suntan Like A Boss!

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It's a tedious but a necessary task to take care of your skin and body. In summers one needs to protect the body from sun and tanning. so, Stock up coconut oil, jojoba oil and drink a lot of water to keep sunburn at bay. ALSO READ: Slaying The Summer: 5 Chic Ways To Style Plain White Tee If You Want To Dress Simple This Season Aakriti Kochar, beauty and make-up expert, Oriflame India, and Ragini Mehra, founder of Beauty Source, and Shiv Singh Mann, founder of Desert Splendour, have shared tips that can help save your skin. ALSO READ: Slaying The Summer: 5 Things From The Kitchen Rack Used For Flawless Skin *Homemade Items To Remove Tan: You can use coconut oil, lemon,Baking Soda, Honey on exposed skin,after staying in the sun to soothe affected skin and avoid sunburns. lemon1 * Right Food Items: Consuming Vitamin D rich foods like fermented cod liver oil help supplement Vitamin D balance in your body and build a stronger immune system against sunburns.vitamin-d-rich-food_11-1024x683 *Be Hyderated:  Keep your skin hydrated not only externally but also internally by drinking a lot of water. Make sure you have at least seven to eight litres of water in summer. Hydrated skin is less prone to sun damage than dry skin. AAEAAQAAAAAAAAlSAAAAJGViZjA1ZjhmLTRhZjktNGMyYi05NTdlLTUwZTRiYmJlNzExYg *Right Choice Of Clothes: Wear the right clothes. Sometimes, you have to go outside even during the peak hours in summer, so the best way to prevent sunburn is covering yourself with appropriate clothing. Long-sleeve shirts and pants cover more of your skin than tank tops and shorts so they can help block the sun's rays. GettyImages-150435500 *Jojoba Oil: Use jojoba oil as it acts like a shield and helps in curing sunburnt skin. The fastest and safest cure for tanned skin is to apply jojoba oil. It is also rich in Vitamins E and B complex, and helps in repairing dry and damaged skin while soothing the burning sensation. olivaolaj ALSO READ: Slaying The Summer: 5 Tips To Style Your Outfit In Easy Fashionable Ways