Slaying The Summer: 5 Hairstyles That Look On Point And Help Beat The Heat

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| } April 19 , 2017 , 23:24 IST
Summer and long locks a painful combination. We love to keep our luscious locks open and flowing but in reality, in all this dust, pollution and heat wave our precious hair gets damaged. But no worries I have for you some ideas, some hair trends that girls love. ALSO READ: Slaying The Summer: 5 Tips To Style Your Outfit In Easy Fashionable Ways These hairdos are easy- your friends, mums can help you make them or better yet- you can log in online and learn from beauty tutorials. In summer we hate the sweaty greasy hair, so to avoid that we braid our hair, do top knots etc. I have picked some hairstyles that look cute, are in style and help you keep your hair off your face, make them however you like it as per your hair length. 1) Top Knot nrm_1420818920-kapseltrend-de-half-updo-bun-halve-knot 2) Waterfall Braids:  Waterfall-Braid 3) Old school French Braids:  Franch-Braided-Hair-IdeaDutch-Braids-braid-crown-with-side-braidleisure-and-lovely-look 4) Messy Buns:  88c9dfc9606b6224013e1216eb4e7bce 5) Semi Boho Braids:  interlock-braid-in-hair