Slaying The Summer: 5 Hacks To Keep Your Bedroom Cool This Season

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| } April 25 , 2017 , 22:10 IST
In summers, no one really likes to step out but our jobs and daily schedules are demanding. We do our best to prepare ourselves to tackle the heat outside but now we need to take up measures to keep our bedrooms cool and summer ready. ALSO READ: Slaying The Summer: 5 Tips That Will Prepare You To Tackle Suntan Like A Boss! We need to do it so when we come back home or if we stay in the whole day the room doesn't feel hot or humid. ALSO READ: Slaying The Summer: 5 Chic Ways To Style Plain White Tee If You Want To Dress Simple This Season I'll share with 5 very basic and simple hacks you can keep in mind while decorating your bedroom, that will help you to keep your room cool and bright: ALSO READ: Slaying The Summer: 5 Tips To Style Your Outfit In Easy Fashionable Ways 1) Window Blinders: If you have a bedroom with a lot of wardrobe or tall windows, then make sure you have mat blinders pulled up all day. The jute blinders help keep the heat at bay. e8071ac4-e3b9-e311-a64d-84df7b46b4ac 2)All Cotton Sheets: In summers sleeping on heavy fabric bed-sheets can cause too much sweat and skin irritation. Cotton and Linen infused sheets are sweat absorbents and feel very light too. damask-stripe-egyptian-cotton-450-thread-count-6-piece-sheet-set-queen-teal_4259020 3)Light Shades and Patterns:  Packup all the comforters as well as the beddings, especially of dark shades, as dark shades trap a lot of heat. In summers completely avoids covers and tops sheets of dark colors and heavy embroidery. Instead by a lot of pastel colors for the bedroom/sofa decorations and also floral prints. e3ce3d0d2ec012936ac8159e8d8676ee 4)Indoor Plants: Plants are a good addition to your room, the bright flowers keep the room fragrant and room will feel less humid, the air will be fresh all the time. To think it in a different way, you'll save the plant from drying out in the sun! spring-botanicals-indoor-plants-greenery-expert-tips-sam-mcadam-cooper-joseph-gardner-danielle-selig-sept-15-20150915124112-q75dx800y-u1r1g0c-1491208137 5)Light Carpets and Curtains: Ditch the heavy carpeting for your room. Rugs and carpets will generate unnecessary heat and this heat will make the bedroom look more heated. Plus heavy curtains and rugs make the room feel over cluttered. So go simple this season yet stylish. bedroom-decorating-ideas-and-tips ALSO READ: Slaying The Summer: 5 Hairstyles That Look On Point And Help Beat The Heat