Slaying The Summer: 5 Easy Thirst-Quencher Drinks To Beat The Heat!

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| } April 20 , 2017 , 13:37 IST
In summers it is tough to get by without drinks to cool down. By the looks of it, summers have come in full rage this year. So, what do you love the most when you get back home from college/office? or when you have traveled in the sun for long? A fruity frosty drink and its best when its 'Mom-made'. ALSO READ: Slaying The Summer: 5 Hairstyles That Look On Point And Help Beat The Heat When we were kids we loved a tall glass of rasna, but let me up your summer game a little. In today's feature i'll recommend a few drinks that are easy to make at home, are healthy and will help you cool your system down in a very delicious way: ALSO READ: Slaying The Summer: 5 Tips To Style Your Outfit In Easy Fashionable Ways 1) Frosty Lemonade: Lime, mint, and a hint of chili will completely reinvent the regular old lemonade. Make sure you don't add ice cubes but crushed ice. Have fun slurping down your lemonade! 5638239242_cdd48df79f_z-e1306343889858 2) Strawberry-Blueberry Slush: Anything strawberry is yumm. so combine two tastiest berries- blueberry and strawberry and add them in a mixer with ice cubs. This slush will be chilled and nutritious both. images 3) Mint Mojito: This is a drink that no one refuses and if you want it non-alcoholic base then just add sprite or 7-up, with crushed mint leaves, lemon and crushed ice. 34660_dia_1425_950_don_julio_mojito_37_$$069A0000001gyNVIAY 4) Watermelon Smoothie: The king of melons- watermelon is my personal favorite. Dice it in small pieces, remove as many seeds you can. Throw it in the mixer with ice and tease the summer! Watermelon-Smoothie1 5) Pineapple Drink: Pineapple are one of the yummiest fruits ever. So, to make a drink out of it have lots of crushed ice, diced pineapple and a dash of honey, mix it well and enjoy! cat-959-720-1

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