Planning For A Road-Trip? Here's List Of Essentials You Should Carry With You

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| } May 2 , 2017 , 20:25 IST
If you love to travel and you are fond of going on a crazy road tips, then you must know what all you must have in your car before going on road trip. Road trip becomes more adventures when they are not pre-planned. So, here we have listed some items which you should always have in your car to be road-trip ready always. 1) Spare Tyre Defender-dual-spare-wheel-c You should always have a spare tyre when you are going for a road-trip, so that you can handle a situation when you bust a tyre and you are unable to find mechanic in sight for a mile in any direction. 2) A Warm Jacket jacket-698808_960_720 A warm jacket is a must when you go out for adventures road-trip because weather is as unpredictable as it gets. 3) Notebook and pen fashion-1478810_960_720 Most of us doesn't carry any notebook or pen because we all are dependent on our smartphones for everything now-a-days. But remember only note book and pen will help you when the battery of your phone dies. It can be useful to note down address, routes and phone numbers. 4) Packed Nuts and Snacks almonds-1768792_960_720 You should always have something to eat like nuts or some snacks because nuts is something which comes with greater shelf life and you can have them when you couldn't find anything around you. 5) Flashlight pelican-usb-rechargable-led-tactical-flashlight Flash is on one of the basic item which you should keep with yourself whenever you are going out for a road trip. It can be used at the time when you have to search for a camp site after dusk. 6) Hygiene Bag maxresdefault Hygiene bag is a must when you are out on a road-trip because when nature gives you a lot it doesn't provide you creature comforts like toilet paper and toothpaste. So, if you are not really comfortable using tree stem as brush, you have to carry hygiene bag. 7) First aid kit 1-first-aid-kit-1024x822 First aid kit is something which you should always carry with you, even if you are not going on a road-trip because you never know when you will be needing it. 8) Basic cutlery fork-plate-and-spoon When you are carrying a lot of stuff with you then there is no harm in carrying a plate and a spoon with you. It will take almost no space and might come in handy at any point in time while you're on the road or at a campsite.