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Perfect Lip Shade For Your Skin Tone, Know Here

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| November 27 , 2016 , 13:09 IST
[caption id="attachment_237056" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Perfect Lip Shade For Your Skin Tone, Know Here Perfect Lip Shade For Your Skin Tone, Know Here[/caption] Go for bubblegum pink or red if you are fair, and those with a dusky complexion should pick shades of brown, says an expert. Beauty expert Ishika Taneja, who is also Executive Director of ALPS Group, suggests different types of lip colours that will suit your skin tone. ALSO READ: Miley Cyrus Unveils Lipstick Range To ‘End AIDS’ * Fair skin: Flaunt your pout in hues like bubblegum pink, coral, peach, red or orange. But make sure to harmonise the colour according to your eye make-up. * Dark skin: Give glosses a miss. Go all matte this winter. Settle down for darker yet eye catching hues of brown like burgundy, oxblood and coffee if you have kept your eye make-up subtle. Or, in case you have already overplayed with your eye make-up, keep your pink shades light and apply salmon and watermelon pink. ALSO READ: Shine At Your Friend’s Wedding This Season With These Styling Tips * Dusky skin: Go for bright shades like fuchsia pink or burnt orange if the eye make-up is light or stick to nude lip hues if you have chosen your eye do to be loud. * Wheatish: Salmon pink, hot pink, ripe orange can emerge as safe bet for adorning your lips. But, in case you want to remain light, settle down for coral and light pink to look just like a Barbie.

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