Looking For Perfect Form-Fitting Gown To Steal The Limelight? Check These Ones Out!

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| May 6 , 2018 , 13:22 IST

Who wouldn't love the idea of being a party's centre of attraction with people gushing about their beauty, especially their awe-inspiring outfit? Form-fitting gowns and couture dresses have taken the markets by storm in recent past, thanks to the hypnotising way they accentuate a girl's curves.

A variety of such dresses is available in showrooms and studio houses that the customers are bound to get confused about their choice, after all, it is human tendency to want more of everything. While lace and satin gowns have always been in fashion, beaded and sequin ones are catching up too.

Let's not restrict ourselves to the conventional-styled dresses and take up the bold challenge of overshadowing the rest with your magical appearance. Going through the most loved dresses of an extravagant evening gown label, we have listed out lush choices you might prefer for your grand affair.

Beaded dresses

The perfect amalgamation of creativity and glamour, beaded dresses are a great alternative for jewellery-studded ones which falls off our budgets in general, unless you have a billionaire's credit card. Made of sheer fabric with sheen and beads, the attractive gowns will make you stand out.

Sequin dresses

The highly embellished party dresses for women of all ages, Sequin outfits might be made using the plastic material but carries a princess-y feel, making the ones wearing them feel more feminine and glamorous. The alluring gowns appeal to eyes like no other material dress would.

Lace dresses

The desirable and alluring dresses are in vogue for a very long time. A few laces dresses are a must for every woman's wardrobe. The enticing fabric is transparent in several sections and is available in different colours, patterns and styles. The comfortably attractive gowns call for attention.

Couture dresses

Handmade from the finest fabric and decorative pieces, couture dresses are perfect to make a special occasion even more happening. Ironically, couture gowns feature beaded and glittery sequins. If you are looking forward to creating a contemporary yet classic statement, this is a perfect choice.

Satin dresses

Soft and silky outfits make the women feel like queens as they parade around in the rather inexpensive Satin gowns of vibrant colours with a bright sheen. Best for the black-tie affairs, the smooth fabric makes the wearer feel sexy, attractive and perfectly dressed for grand parties.