Mother's Day Countdown: This Viral Video Of How An Office Treats A Pregnant Lady Is A Lesson For All

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| } May 6 , 2017 , 15:17 IST
[caption id="attachment_261166" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Still from the video Still from the video[/caption] A woman is a miraculous creation of God. I say this not because I am a feminist neither I am I going to sing about the many things she has done for us in many different ways, playing many different roles. I say this simply because a woman is the only gender that can nurture a life within her and then forever after she gives birth to her baby. I speak highly today of just one role -Mother. It would bring many of us to tears talking of our mother, especially for people who live away from their mothers or for those who have lost their mothers. In two days we shall celebrate 'Mother's Day', but do we need a day? Or let's ask do we do our bit? 'Prega News' came up with a beautiful video that raises some very important issues. The video features a mother-to be employee and how her office makes her life more easier. The pregnant lady comes back to find her stuff missing from her desk, she fears she has been laid-off from the company. Instead, she receives a well equipped cabin on the ground floor. An office with all the necessary items that a pregnant woman would require. It is indeed a gesture that is very unexpected but is it that hard? Do are offices have cabins that are equipped according to the needs of a woman who is expecting a baby? This mother's day let's decide that we will try and make a mother's life easier by contributing a little more by sharing some of her burden. Even if a woman is not our mother, she goes through the same ordeals. Also, the notion that a woman who has children should only be made to feel special is wrong, this mother's day, let's understand that a woman who is carrying a life within her she deserves a lot more. The woman who works and contributes to a company deserves a special treatment. A woman who is pregnant goes through so many mental pressures, her body is in pain and demands rest, still she gets up every day and works while caring for two people. This video is a beautiful initiative to make a lady feel comfortable. Watch the full video below:

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