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OMG! These Foods May Hit Male Fertility

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| August 29 , 2017 , 19:04 IST

Male fertility has gone down extensively over the past years. Several studies have been conducted to find the root of dropping sperm count in males. 

It was found that many of the habits like Smoking and Drinking leads to the reduction in sperm production. Though, it is seldom mentioned that men's food habits also play a prominent role in men's fertility. 

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Here is the list of five foods which if consumed regularly might leave men impotent:

1. Full-Fat Dairy Products

Full Fat Dairy products including milk and cheese though are important for strength but excessive consumption of the products should be avoided. More than one serving of Milk Products can contribute to reducing male fertility.

2. Soda

Aerated sugar-sweetened drinks like beverages and sodas directly affect the sperm mobility. Sugary beverages increase male's insulin resistance, hence leading to oxidative stress which in turn damages the sperm quality. 

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3. Caffeinated beverages and alcohol

Regular consumption of alcohol, coffee and tea contribute to lower sperm count in males. Alcohol leads to oxidative stress causing a lower rate of fertility in men whereas caffeine damages the reproductive cells. 4. Processed

4. Processed Meats
Consumption of processed meat like hamburgers, bacon, bologna, salami, and hot dogs, reduces sperm count by 23 percent. Processed meat has hormonal residues which negatively affect reproductive system in males.

5. High mercury fish
Fishes with high mercury content affect both men and women's reproductive systems. It damages the omega-3 in ones' body causing low fertility. Mackerel, swordfish, shark, tuna steak, and tilefish are known to have high mercury content.

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