Medical Puzzle: This Girl Sneezes 8,000 Times A Day [Video Inside]

| } July 21 , 2016 , 15:58 IST
Medical Puzzle: This Girl Sneezes 8,000 Times A Day [Video Inside]Nine- year old 'Ira Saxena' suffers from a rare condition where she sneezes around 8,000 times a day. Here is the video: Ira is an Indian origin girl and lives in Britain, her mother reveals in the video that Ira has been unable to go to school as constant sneezing keeps her from concentrating in her classes. She has been examined by several doctors has also been given various remedies to cure her but so far nothing has been of any help. Ira told media, "It is really horrible. My face hurts every time I sneeze, it just shoots a sharp pain in my head and sides. "I can't go to school, I can't finish the day because I'm sneezing so much. My friends think it's contagious, but it is not, so they don't want to sit with me, she said. She further added, "I can't really go outside as it makes it worse and more violent. All I can do is sit at home. I can't really do anything."

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