Love Life: Do You Know Which Stage Of Relationship You’re In? Here Is The List

| } March 30 , 2016 , 14:53 IST
Do you remember the moment you saw her/him for the first time and felt those butterflies into your stomach? love-life Do you remember the moment when she/he held your hand for the first time? If, Yes! Then, do you still feel the same way after spending years with him/ her? Well! weather we accept it or not, the excitement and kind of romance that brings two people together in the first place is very different from the love that emerges ten or thirty years later. Love stays forever but not in the same place, it passes through stages. The budding romance: This stage goes by the quote “love is blind”. Here you ignore all the negative traits. Distraction: This stage tests the bond between two. Here you start using your brains instead of blindly fulfilling your partner's wishes. Power struggle: Once you pass the distraction test, then comes the stage where either you will accept the each other the way you are or will try to change each other in accordance with your preference. Blissful stage: Reaching to this stage means that you both have actually discovered the way to stick to each other. Here both partners recognize and accept each other for who and what they are. Emotions depreciation: Here you both turn practical and start clarifying your role, commitment, and compatibility towards each other. Blind trust stage: Once you are through with the above stages, you can claim to know the person at your best. No selfish motive stage: This stage is all about your willingness to help your partner fulfill his/her potential, without any selfish motive.

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