Know All About Bladder Cancer, The Ailment That Killed Vinod Khanna

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[caption id="attachment_259078" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Know All About Bladder Cancer That Killed Vinod Khanna Know All About Bladder Cancer That Killed Vinod Khanna[/caption] The handsome hunk of old Bollywood Vinod Khanna passed away on Thursday after his battle with bladder cancer and severe dehydration that took him to the hospital on March 31. Although, bladder cancer is considered to be a treatable form of cancer if caught early, the cancer also has the likelihood of spreading. Cancer is defined as the growth of abnormal cells in the body which generally result in the formation of tumours. In the case of bladder cancer, extra cells grow in the bladder lining and form masses known as tumours. ALSO READ: Bollywood Veteran Actor Vinod Khanna Passes Away At Age 70 Fighting Bladder Cancer Bladder cancer most commonly affects people above the age of 60 years. The most definitive symptom is blood in the urine while other symptoms include frequent urination and pain during urination. Various treatment options are available for bladder cancer, which include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and immunotherapy. Surgical treatment involves removing tumours from the bladder surgically. ALSO READ: 10 Iconic Roles Of Vinod Khanna That Define Words Chemotherapy uses potent chemicals to destroy the cancer cells while Radiation therapy targets the cancer cells with high dose x-rays. Immunotherapy helps boost the body's natural immune system to fight the cancer. Last course of treatment involves removing the bladder entirely. The treatment depends on the growth of the cancer.