Inniskillin ICEWINE Marks Entry In India, Five Must Know Facts

| } March 17 , 2016 , 16:58 IST
INNISKILLINThe famous Inniskillin ICEWINE is now available in India. It was launched during a networking event organised by High Commission of Canada at Canada House, New Delhi on Wednesday. The Inniskillin Icewine enjoys the status of one of the world’s best wines, here are five must know facts about it: For Icewine grapes are harvested at the pinnacle of Canada’s crisp winter, they are frozen naturally on the vine picked when the temperature drops to minus 10 degree celsius. Only a few drops of luscious nectar can be squeezed from each bunch, which is then expertly guided through fermentation to achieve this rich and alluring speciality wine. During their long hang time on the vine, icewine grapes develop intense flavours and aromas. The wine is complex rich and luscious on the palate, balanced with brilliant acidity that leaves you wanting more. The speciality wine was first produced by Inniskillin in 1984 and has consistently received awards and recognition around the world. Recently, inniskillin wine captured the top prize at the 17th annual international wine competition at vinitaly: “ The premio speciale gran vinitaly 2009.” This special prize has been defined as the "World Cup" of wine industry.