How To Make Thekuas This Chhath Puja: Recipe And Method

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| November 2 , 2016 , 14:10 IST
ChhathAny Indian festival is incomplete without proper food and sweets. Thekuas are most liked sweets during the Chhath Puja festival that is widely celebrated by people of Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Bihar-origin across India.  The traditional Bihari version of cookie is made of sugar, ghee or oil and flour, commonly used during the aarti and shared as prasad. On this special day, if you are away from your home or if the sweet is out of stock from the nearby shops, we are presenting you the chef’s recipe: Ingredients: Maida (refined flour) 200 grams Sugar 100-150 grams (depends on your taste) Ghee 100 grams 2 table-spoon chopped dry coconut 1 table-spoon fennel seed 5-6 whole green cardamom Water or Milk    ½ cup Dry fruits (optional) Directions: Put the maida in a bowl and mix it with 25 grams of ghee. Add sugar, dry fruits, water / milk to prepare dough. Make sure the sugar is not dissolved in this procedure. The undissolved sugar granules give the crunchy taste to the final product. The amount of sugar is dependent on your taste. Have you ever made Dal-Tikki or Dal-Bhare? If yes, then we are going to follow the same procedure. And if your answer is no, here is the step two after preparing the dough. Cut small portion from the dough and flatten the material using chakla and belan (rolling spin). After flattening the material it will look like thin chappati. You have to cut circles from the chappati using a normal glass. (Yes, this is what you while making Dal Tikki or Dal Bhare). Repeat the procedure until entire dough is not finished. Now, take a Karahi or pan and put rest of the ghee or oil in it. Start frying thekuas on low flame until they turn golden brown. Yes, it is done. The yummy thekuas are ready to be served. Interestingly, you can store them for 2 weeks in airlocked containers. You can also use sugar syrup (and avoid the dry one in the first step) after preparing the final product.

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