'Helicopter Parenting' May Lead To Children Losing Life Perspective

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| August 13 , 2017 , 17:10 IST

All Parents love to be involved in their children's lives. Some know the limit whereas the others don't. Being protective of ones' off-string comes naturally to all the parents but once that turns into over-protectiveness, things change, for worse!

A recent study has suggested that 'Helicopter Parenting' can leave children vulnerable in dealing with real life. Parent's over-controlling, over-protecting, and over-perfecting nature can leave children ill-behaved and unprepared in difficult situations.

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Dr Amanda Gummer, a research psychologist who specialises in child development said, "Wild, unruly children are increasingly likely to be the progeny of so-called 'helicopter' parents."

Parents who hover over their children's lives like a helicopter are only adding to their misery instead of helping them. They are invading their space which is much needed for children of any age to develop a decision making wisdom.

The controlling nature of parents lead to unhappiness among the children. They grow up being highly dependent on their parents, hence make wrong choices in life. They indecisive or unable to exhibit independence.

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The traits of 'Helicopter Parenting' are mostly seen in Middle-class parents who though ambitious for their children but are unable to get out of their mollycoddling stage. Being unable to refuse their children for any of their demands adds to their ill-mannerism.

Poor parenting leads to a mix of poor behaviour and lack of personal skills leading to increase in children getting expelled.Too much

Too much control, on the other hand, could lead to children's psychological damage as well.