Happy Mothers Day: Eight Things That Every Mom Says

| } May 10 , 2015 , 11:00 IST
Remember the time when you asked your mom to make something good to eat like a cold coffee or a burger. Ever told your mom on the dinner table that the food was boring? That red face and she says2 Long hairs, shabby look, thinking that you're blending in the fashion and the moment your mom sees you like that 3 That moment when your dad gets angry at you and then you wouldn't just eat food. 4 Eating has always been an issue with moms, no matter how much you eat she'll always be like 5 The time when you're always busy with your phone, not talking or eating your food at home and then you give a made-up answer 6 And then you come home after having a tiff with someone, getting really low marks or bunking classes and then your teacher reports at home7 After a tiring football match, you just enter home, take out a bottle of water from fridge and then she says 8 That lazy moment when you wake up early in the morning and have already taken half an hour in the loo9   As the time passes and you get older by the day, these things make an impact in your mind and heart. Nevertheless, you'll never forget to say 'Happy Mothers Day Mom' and her smile would make the world seem a beautiful place to live. 'That smile means the World to me' feeling is the only true emotion left. Happy Mothers Day Mom.      

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