Good News: Delhi Gets Its First Human Milk Bank

| } April 26 , 2016 , 16:10 IST
human milkRecognising the efficacy of mother's milk, Fortis La Femme in association with the Breast Milk Bank Foundation has given Delhi-NCR's its first human milk bank. This joint initiative is named as "Amaara", and was launched on Tuesday. It aims to solve the problem of mothers who cannot supply their own breast milk to their children because of some or the other reason Now, mothers who have enormous breast milk even after feeding their kids can donate their milk to help other mothers who are in need of this nutritious food for their infants. At the international level , the International Milk Banking Initiative (IMBI) was founded at the International HMBANA Congress in Washington in 2005 to promote the human milk banks. However, in India, this service is still at a very nascent stage with very few milk banks (mostly in Rajasthan and Pune) because of the hesitant nature of the people.