From ‘Hugs’ And ‘Kisses’ To ‘Likes’ And ‘Comments’: We’ve Covered The Distance!

| June 19 , 2017 , 16:30 IST

There was a time when eating food was all about just enjoying good food. Likewise, there was also a time when clicking a photograph was all about clicking a photograph. Or for that matter shopping was all about going out and buying stuff you like. But then 'social media' happened and suddenly all of this did not remain ‘just’ the simple basics things of one’s daily life.

Now things are different because apparently here is an emergency button for everything. For example, it’s an immediate need to necessarily force you to go out to a fancy outlet and order some decorative looking food once in a while and whether you eat it or not doesn’t matter because clearly, nobody’s concerned about that. What counts is how skilfully you take a picture of the meal, use right filters on it and post it on your social handles. Oh, and not to forget, adding the caption '#foodcoma'. That's the whole point, right?

You go shopping mainly because you've got to post the huge shopping bags on Instagram, or you’re dressing up quite self-admittedly to put up a picture with a '#OOTD' caption. Yeah, it has all come down to this. Does it look weird while reading? Trust me, its worst to see it every day on the phone.

Who would have thought about us humans practically transforming into a 'social-validation' checkbox? What's surprising is that this cerebral moment has come even before 2050!

And one such social trend which irks the most (because it’s everywhere and everyone's using it) is the term 'Wanderlust'. Oxford dictionary explains the meaning something like this - A strong desire to travel. Wikipedia has this to offer - It is a strong desire for or impulses to wander or travel and explore the world.

But what our generation has made it up into is - A very basic human need to use the word as frequently as possible (mostly on Twitter and Instagram profile descriptions) to gain a verified social validation in the society to officially be known cooler than your pals.

You know, there was this time probably between the 90's and 2000's when going out with family or friends to some unknown/known destination and taking a break from normal day routine to feel the chills of fresh air on your skin was a moment of joy. And this joy wasn't a result of the fact that 'Oh, I have a new update for my social media account, yay!' rather it was the joy of being with your loved ones at a place whose mere surroundings were so beautiful to observe and inhale that the rest of the chaos in an around didn't even matter. Momentarily, the feeling of togetherness with family or friends was like paradise. Wanderlust is a really popular term which is trending on social media these days. And it’s just cooler to call yourself one even if you're probably a pathetic couch potato.

Now things have 'progressively' changed. And like science has made much advancement, our emotions too have transformed from the need of 'hugs' and 'kisses' to the need of 'likes' and 'comments'. While we keep checking the number of views on our Instagram stories, maybe we’ve forgotten to check on the ones that have a more significant life than these. Guess the priorities have changed. For the good or bad, you decide?

Social validation has taken over our conscious minds. Think about it? We're actually moving in a direction that will eventually make us lose our very own identities. We're all going to be so unanimously similar. Very soon. The diversity across the globe could possibly die because everyone wants to be the same thing - whatever trends!

This might look exaggerated now but tell me if we're doing anything else but be puppets on the hands of technology? A technology which we have invented, popularized and we're the backbone of.

Shouldn't we suppose to be ruling it? And if you're thinking we are, you're terribly wrong. Terribly!