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Lazy Girls Beauty Hacks That Will Instantly Stick Out The Fabulous In You

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| August 11 , 2017 , 17:57 IST

People are lazy! Especially girls. They don't want to make much efforts or spend time on themselves. If you are one of those people who'd rather spend an extra hour in bed than grooming themselves but still want to look glamorous, then you are one of them.

Being lazy is not always as bad as many would have you believe. At least you are saving yourself from the headache of checking your outfit and looks for any disorder all the time. Neither anybody wants to go out, looking like a racoon nor do they want to make a whole lot of effort to look good.

If that's the case with you as well, then here are few tips for you to look good when going out:

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1. Men's kurta/T-shirt
A lot of girls might find this idea absurd, but men's kurta or T-shirt, when paired with fitted jeans or jeggings, could do wonders to your looks. They are comfortable to wear and demands the least efforts to take care of. One can always look for colour options, not to forget, they have pockets!

2. Bold Lipcolour
Lipstick oozes confidence. Add a bold one to the equation. Any need to apply a proper makeup vanishes into thin air once you are wearing a bright shade of fuchsia or red. A bold lip-colour is perfect for a lazy day!

3. All Black
Black is never out of fashion. Even the loose-fitted clothes can't drop your charisma if wore in all black. An all black outfit is the best choice for people who are in a lazy mood and don't want to spend time putting a proper outfit together.

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4. Oversized Glares
If you have to spend the day in the Sun but are unwilling to spend time applying sunblock, then wearing oversized glares is your best option. It will conceal your dark circles and other skin problems smoothly.

5. Bright accessories
Carrying bright coloured accessories always divert attention from your face and clothing. A neon coloured bag or bright scarfs always work in making you look effortlessly glamorous and brings out the sappy side of you.

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