Early Or Delayed Puberty Results In Poorer Semen Quality & Smaller Testicles, Says Study

| } June 10 , 2016 , 16:02 IST
sperm-mainPubertal onset marks the transition period between childhood and adulthood, a study published in the journal Human Reproduction has claimed that the time of puberty has a direct link to men’s sexual, reproductive health. It is based on a research conducted by Rigshospitalet and EDMaRC over 1068 Danish men at the age of 19. The findings showed that men who had early or late onset of puberty than their peers had a poorer semen quality and smaller testicles at the age 19 years. The age at pubertal onset varies considerably from 9 to 14 years and depends on individual genetic variations, epigenetic modifications, lifestyle and environmental factors.