Dear Dads, Could We Ever Be Able To Thank You Enough?

| June 17 , 2017 , 22:25 IST

While everyone keeps telling us how important mothers are, who certainly are, and how they have had so many sleepless nights and half meals to see us kids sleep peacefully with a full stomach and a content smile, don't we forget that no struggle is won alone. In a case of parenthood, the other half who completes the struggle of a woman is 'the man of the house'.

A father is often described as the stern man of solid principles who always carries an intense look (courtesy: Amitabh Bachchan in Mohobbatein and K3G) and has a tough heart. But come on? Let's talk real and move away from stereotyping our very own fathers! Dads are the most wonderful creation of the Almighty for reasons more than one.

Maybe he is the tough one at times but isn't he the very same person who carries you on his tough shoulders for your entire childhood so that you can get a feel of being on top of the world. Maybe he comes across as a man of few words but isn't he the man who talks endlessly sitting by your bedside when you're fast asleep? Maybe your dad isn't so emotional when it comes to expressing love but isn't he the same man who happens to cry the most when you get married? Your dad is everything you don't count him for and even more, trust me!

Your dad is your biggest protector, your guide in times that are sure to be miserable, your philosopher for times you lose trust in the science of life, your counsellor when you're broken inside because the world's been too harsh on you. He is your mother when you don't have one around. He is your lover because nobody can love like a dad. That's nature's rule Number 1.

This Father's Day, take a moment to look back and see what your life has been because of the presence of your dad and take a moment aside to realise how could it possibly be if he wasn't there. You can never imagine the latter. Because no matter how much mothers do for us, your heart still beats a little more for your father.

And in case you happen to be a daughter, there is no better superhero, life saver or any possible figure that you admire which can even match for one percent with your dad. Dads can't be compared. They're in our lives because they're indeed the best.

So this Father's Day, make sure to thank your dad for the uncountable said, unsaid, realised or ignored little things that he has done for you. Because, if you start counting on the deeds of your father, it will never be enough. Because he is doing things for you every moment and how can you thank him in one day for every moment of his life that has been dedicated for your well being? Every breath that your dad takes is a gift to you. A gift so priceless that a mere 'Thank You' can never be enough!