Know How To Complement Necklines With Necklaces?

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| August 29 , 2017 , 19:44 IST

Pairing various necklines with necklaces can be rather tricky. There are a few things to remember as there are always exceptions according to the occasion, hairstyle and makeup. One should always stay true to what works best for them.  

Key to each necklace choice should be balance – knowing when you need a thicker necklace, a more subtle look, or no necklace at all.  

What necklaces look best with different necklines? So here are few ideas that may help in solving this dilemma.

Crew Neck

The crew neck is the easiest to pair with a necklace because it comes up to the neckline and looks great with most necklaces. Long and short neck pieces, both complement this neckline. A delicate pendant can also be subtle, yet elegant. A round necklace (or a statement necklace) might add more style to a plain crew neck outfit. 

Scoop Neck

The scoop neck can be a little bit trickier as it comes on deep U-neck. Depending on how low or high the scoop neckline is, there are a variety of options. Most of the time, a scoop neckline needs a necklace to cover up the wide open space of our neck. A delicate pendant can also look nice, however, a round necklace that mimics the neckline looks even better. The most preferable for scoop neck is a bigger necklace or statement necklace that fills up space and adds some interest to your outfit.


The choice for v-neck necklace depends on whether it is a high or low neckline. But never prefer to put on round necklaces on v-neckline because it contrasts the shape of the neckline. Sometimes with this neckline, no jewellery looks great and uncomplicated, especially with a more casual shirt. The best choice is a simple pendant or long light weighed chain that mimics the neckline and balances the skin-to-shirt ratio.

Boat Neck

The boat neck is back in the collection now and going trendy, but it can be harder to style. A round, bib, or statement necklace tends to cut off the beautiful neckline leaving space between the necklace and ends of the top. While it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing look. Unsure about using a statement necklace with this neckline, the best option will be simple pendant in the small chain, or better yet, nothing. Keep it simple and avoid creating a heavy look.

Collared Shirt

The collared shirt can look great with any necklace. Going with no necklace is simple, unfussy, and makes your look seem effortless in the best way. The delicate pendant necklace adds some interest without going overboard. The statement necklace looks great under a collared shirt. Statement necklaces on the outside of a collared shirt are fun, just make sure the necklace hangs low enough to hit below one of the unbuttoned buttons.

One Shoulder

The one shoulder is a pretty off centered look that throws some interest into one's outfit. This neckline is already a unique one that cuts diagonally across, so one can adding a heavy necklace to this neckline to showcase the more interest to the outfit. Apart from a necklace, big, pretty earrings can also be preferred, this would be much better way to add style to this look.

Strapless Neckline

Lastly, the strapless neckline begs for a necklace! This neckline shows the most skin, so it looks more balanced and classy when paired with a necklace. One has the option for the subtle pendant, but a collar, bib, or statement necklace adds far more interest to the dress while balancing the look out.



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