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Sex Robots: Are Pleasure-bots The Best Option Today? Experts Contradict!

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| July 5 , 2017 , 16:08 IST

We've often talked about one sided love and how painful and disastrous its consequences are for the person on the receiving end of it. It's futile and only brings complex and undesired emotions. To top it, let's talk about one sided relationships as Artificial Intelligence (AI) is storming into the global sex market with revolutionary ''sex tech'' robots that preferably guarantee gratification.  

Yes, the AI aims to bring the concept of pleasure-bots as a working reality right into our bedrooms. It will be a good company to the elders in health care homes, lonely workaholics, people in long distance relationships and, well, to everyone out there with secret sexual fantasies. 

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There are currently four manufacturers in the world making human-like robotic dolls. And this trend is only going to increase, as per many experts. A number of people suffering from depression, battling psychological issues, feeling ashamed of their personality, low on self-esteem and so on will be the prime consumers of sex robots in the coming years. It won't stay as a fetish anymore but might as well work as a tool for sexual therapy that millions crave for across the globe. 

'I can tell you that robots are certainly coming', says Noel Sharkey, Emeritus Professor of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Sheffield, and co-founder of the Founder of Responsible Robotics (FRR).

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A report found that around two-third of the men and 30 percent women were in favour of using sex robots which can be customised by sex, height, hair colour, eye colour and even personality. The costs of these robots will be somewhere around 10000$ to 15000$. 

When you get to chose a sexual partner with such minute details, who would turn it down in a world where finding a sex partner in itself is a task not many dare to take up? 

But the question here isn't about how many people are in favour of this and how affordable it is. What raises many eyebrows and concerns a large section of therapists and psychologists is the fact that how terrible a mindset can these 'fake' sex partners put a person into.

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'I want people to stop thinking about the word 'robot' and think about the word 'property', and what we're being encouraged to do is have relationships with property', said Dr Kathleen Richardson, a senior research fellow in the ethics of robotics at De Montfort University. 

These sex robots are unabashedly 'sexist' and 'dehumanising'. It's just a step ahead as it is pushing people to force themselves to stay isolated from the world for momentary pleasures.

'While we live in a world which still considers women as property, then it's not too much of a stretch of the imagination to start creating a property that looks like women and then encouraging people to have the same sort of relationships', added Kathleen.

How can we start living in a world where such a poised relationship between two people, in love, can be equated to a mere relation with a dead piece of metal made of nut and bolts? 

A robot can give you nothing but a fake company in your world of loneliness and gratification that lasts as long as you commit living a dream of thin air and lust.

The experts worldwide largely consider the idea of pleasure-bots as a blindfolded step towards darkness. It might be considered a boon for lonely and depressed people but it will only push such humans into a darker place with no hope to see the light of reality again. 

All the 'amazing' benefits of these sex robots are good enough to attract enough customers with liberties of interchanging sexual parts and even the colour of pubic hair. But the disaster it might bring to humans seems unrepairable. 

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