8 Sex Terms You Must Know

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| October 31 , 2015 , 11:05 IST
There might have been several occasions when you must have sat among your pals and discussed about the words you've never heard of before. Similar things go with sexual terms. There are so many sexual terms which you might have not heard of before or even if you might have heard of them, you don't know what the words mean. ALSO READ: 5 Most Innovative Places To Enjoy Sizzling Sex Well, these words are best to use while talking dirty with your girlfriend or for that matter boyfriend. Or situation might be opposite, they might be talking to you dirty using these words, but you have no clue what are they saying. So, to keep you away from embarrassment next time, this week we have some vocabulary enhancer for you. Here's a list of 8 sex related terms you might have heard before, but never knew the exact meaning!

Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace Don't expect any necklace please! Jokes apart, Pearl Necklace refers to when a man ejaculates on woman's neck, shoulders or chest in shape of a pearl necklace. Basically, it is when he is masturbating on her or thrusting between breasts.


Barebacking Barebacking means engaging in sexual penetration without using protection. Yes! next time if you waana be safe and don't want any bad or good news, don't get into the words like Baby, let's go bareback.

Golden Shower

Golden Shower Golden Shower is one of the most popular water sports. The term refers for urinating on someone, of course with their consent. So, next time if your spouse ask you about golden shower, keep this in mind.

Hotdog In A Hallway

Hotdog In A Hallway This term doesn't means that a hotdog is placed in a hallway and anybody can eat it. It describes a wide vagina that lacks the ability to provide an adequate grip to penis.


Menthol Yes! It is related to mint, but the act of performing sex after eating mint is called Menthol. It's not that you perform the act only after eating, you can also have sex while eating a mint.


Corkscrew The sexual act wherein you use your fingers in and out of a woman’s vagina, while twisting your wrist is called corkscrew. When you place your middle finger over your index finger and twist your wrist while making your was in and out.


cream A sexual activity that involves the use of any food item that is gooey. Splosh literally means to "make a splashing sound." Here it refers to a messy fetish that can involve food, including mud.

Pony Play

Pony Play An act of BDSM, Pony Play is when one of the partners is made to behave like an animal. This act is also called bestial play.

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