5 Things That Happen When You Stop Having Sex

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| November 28 , 2015 , 11:09 IST
People are happiest about their sex lives after a year into their relationship, and thereafter the frequency and passion in the action between the sheets gradually declines. Your sex life may be stalled due to many reasons, from work-travel-work to tension and lack of passion. And once you stop taking interest in your sex life, your dry spell in the sack can affect your health in many ways. We've listed 5 things that can happen to you after you lose that feeling:

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety According to researchers, people who desist from sex struggle to cope with stressful situations as it helps to blow off steam. People are less confident in situations like public speaking, compared to those who are involved in intercourse at least for once in a 2-week period. While the action is on, brain releases feel-good chemicals like endorphins and oxytocin, study reveals.

Sex Staves Off Prostate Cancer

 cancer As per the study, men who got enjoy and have sex frequently are 20% less drop in their risk for prostate cancer. The reason behind is frequent ejaculations might help you to remove potentially harmful substances from the prostate.

Vulnerable To Colds And Flu

Colds And Flu Eliminating sex from your life may reduce your exposure to germs, but this will also skip the immune-boosting benefits. Researchers have found that people who get into the activity once or twice a week enjoyed a 30 per cent boost in immunoglobulin, when compared to the people who had no sex.

Risk For Erectile Dysfunction Rises

Erectile Dysfunction Rises According to a study, men who have sex seldom are twice as likely to experience erectile dysfunction in comparison to men who do it once a week. Study suggests that as the penis is a muscle, regular sex can help to preserve potency in a similar way as what physical exercise does.

You May Feel Depressed

depression Women often feel more depressed and one of the prime reason could be the lack of sex. Studies say that there is some compounds found in semen, which includes melatonin, serotonin, and oxytocin. These compounds are used for mood-boosting benefits in women, specially who have unprotected intercourse.

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