Watch: Haryana Congress Stages Protest Against Subhash Chandra

| } June 25 , 2016 , 19:25 IST
COngressHaryana Congress members on Saturday staged protest in Chandigarh against Subhash Chandra for his alleged role in Haryan Rajya Sabha Polls controversy. Congress members urged the Election Commission to cancel the elections and take stern against Subhash Chandra and others accused of changing pen during the voting. Watch protest video here.

Haryana RS Polls: Hooda Demands CBI Inquiry Into Ink Controversy | NWI

[…] rejection of 12 votes on the ground that these were marked with a different pen ink. ALSO WATCH: Haryana Congress Stages Protest Against Subhash Chandra Election Commission is already holding an inquiry into the matter after losing candidate R K Anand, […]