Sonia Gandhi Dubs Modi 'Shahenshah'

| } May 31 , 2016 , 13:34 IST
Sonia-Gandhi-angeryCongress President Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday attacked the government over the celebrations of two years of NDA government and described Prime Minister Narendra Modi as "Shahenshah" (emperor). "I have never seen anything like this. A Prime Minister is there, not an emperor. He is the country's Prime Minister. There is so much poverty in the country. There is drought. ALSO READ: Sonia Attacks NDA Govt Over Charges Against Vadra, Terms It ‘Conspiracy’ Farmers are in trouble. I do not find it appropriate (that government) shows off like this," she told reporters. Gandhi said Modi's ministers have given him "this stature" and are busy in holding celebrations".

BJP Blasts Sonia Gandhi, Says INC Is The Definition Of 'Shenshaaiyat' | NWI

[…] emergency rule taking away democracy as we have seen during the day of Indira Gandhi." ALSO READ: Sonia Gandhi Dubs Modi ‘Shahenshah’ Patra further cornered Gandhi for defending his son-in-law Robert Vadra saying that the frustation […]

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