Shocking: Youth Shot Dead For 'Overtaking' JD (U) MLC's Son Car

| } May 8 , 2016 , 10:27 IST
bindi yadavIn a shocking incident of road rage from Gaya, JD (U) MLC Manorama Devi's son Rocky Yadav's bodyguard shot dead a youth, after he overtook Rocky's car on Saturday night. Following the incident, Bihar Police on Sunday morning arrested the bodyguard. The arrest was made after the deceased's friend alleged that his friend died after being assaulted and later shot by some unknown persons, one of them was in a 'commando' uniform. "We tried overtaking their car, but they started firing shots in the air. One of them was wearing a commando dress," said Ayush. "They assaulted my friends, fired shots because of which my friend died, " he added. Countering the allegations, Bindi Yadav said "my son was driving the car & those four persons in other car were drunk, they started overtaking his car, stopped my son on the way. They then pulled him out of the car and started beating him." "During the scuffle,my son took out his licensed pistol in defence, by mistake it happened,"Yadav added.